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Abby Neu grew up in a small town outside of Syracuse, seeing construction sites from an early age.  Her father has owned two commercial masonry companies and was always doing renovations and side projects, which she would help on whenever asked! Doing so gave her a strong sense of building construction and hard physical labor, as well as an appreciation for architecture and restoration.

Abby later found a passion for food, using friends and family as taste testers to perfect her recipes.

While attending college in western New York, Abby was part of her first restaurant-opening team.  In 2008, Abby moved to NYC to pursue a career in hospitality.  By May of 2009, she had received her diploma from The Institute of Culinary Education in their Culinary Arts Program.

From 2008 through early 2014, she’s worked as a host, server, bartender, and manager in restaurants such as Loreley, Brother Jimmy’s BBQ, Sons of Essex and Duke's.

The bulk of this time was spent with Brother Jimmy’s as a manager, helping open their Union Square and New Brunswick, New Jersey locations.  Abby was an active participant in the final phases of both projects, using her knowledge of construction and functional restaurant design to perfect the layouts, as well as the interviewing, hiring, and training processes for both projects.

Abby lives in New York City with her dog, Phife.